About Patrice Samuel Robinson

Patrice Samuel Robinson - LegalShield Independent AssociatePatrice Samuel Robinson was born on July 4th, 1968 and raised in London, Ontario, Canada. His background is very diverse and eclectic…a natural born artist, a professional dancer, actor, and graphic designer, and has been involved in the martial arts since the age of eight, now holding a high-ranking black belt in Ed Parker’s American Kenpo Karate.

In around 2010 Patrice considered to hang up his belt and give up teaching and was looking for a career change and other ways of generating more income. Having a educational background in both Early Childhood Education and in Police Foundations, and being semi-retired from teaching, he knew that he could begin to refresh his education to have something to fall back on, but he also knew that today’s economy didn’t lend itself to any sort of job security, which inevitably would lead to a dead end. So Patrice began his search for a career change of significance in early 2011. The old saying “If you look you will find it, but sometimes it will find your first.” still holds true today, because it was at that time that a woman who added him as a friend on Facebook invited him to meet for a coffee. Thinking that he was going on a date, arrived at the local Tim Horton’s a couple blocks from his house the very next day. She respectfully greeted with a handshake and was asked if he had ever heard about a certain company. His only reply to the question was like most…”No, what’s that?” He was shown a flip-book presentation and although in the back of his mind he was a bit upset and felt that he was being set up, he couldn’t deny that what he was looking at and listening made 100% common sense and understood that it would be a great benefit to have, so he enrolled for a full membership, not knowing that two weeks later his membership was going to be tested for an identity theft issue which turned into a legal issue. When Patrice came out on top of the situation, he then realized that this valuable information was too good not to share with his friends and family. He knew that this would be the business opportunity and the career change he was looking for. Patrice made the logical decision and became an Independent Associate with the company in May of 2011.

“I absolutely love to educate and help individuals, families and small businesses every day with a great attitude…But it’s just as important to have a great vision for a better future.”

Patrice Samuel Robinson

“My life has truly been blessed because of what this company has given myself, my family and my friends. I have never been part of such a huge opportunity. My prayers were answered…So I can only say thank you, God. I am forever grateful. More than ever before, I work from home, living life my own way on my own terms…again, Thank you!!!

Patrice Samuel Robinson






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