Facebook Notes Pinup - Disruptive Innovation is Simpler Easier and more Affordable

When it comes to life, business, and opportunities, sometimes it’s better to be at the right place, at the right time than it is to be intelligent. Now that is something you may have to wrap your head around but, timing really does matter and it matters in almost everything. So now let’s take a close look at a few companies that either took advantage of opportunities or regretfully missed the window of Disruptive Innovation and Opportunity.

The Taxi Industry vs. Uber

Think about this. The taxi industry went from being worth $17 billion dollars to suddenly Uber becoming worth $63 billion dollars. How do you explain that? The company that has disrupted the taxi industry is literally five times larger than the entire taxi industry that they disrupted; that is all the existing taxi companies combined. How do you explain that phenomenon? Well, the not only disrupted it but the also changed the way people thought about taking a ride, but at the same time increasing the size of the industry. People are now taking rides that would have never taken a ride before. They would never have ever called a taxi. In fact, what would have cost people more than $30 dollars to take a ride, now only costs about $15 dollars because Uber made it simpler, easier, and more affordable to the masses through a mobile app.

Well, this is what LegalShield did, by changing the entire legal industry. They’ve taken a 300 billion dollar extremely old industry and turned it on its head, and you can become part of this disruption, and on a part-time basis from home, you can make a thousand dollars or more per month.

The Movie Rental Industry vs. Netflix

Do you remember Blockbuster Video rental stores? Well, you’ve got to realize that they could have disrupted the movie rental industry because they really owned the space. They could have been the one’s who came up with a company like Netflix or Apple T.V. They were in the position to leverage these types of companies but they never did, so they missed their window of opportunity.

The Photography & Photo-Sharing Industry vs. Instagram

Did you know that Kodak missed the window of opportunity on digital photography and photo-sharing, even though the person that came up with the idea worked for Kodak? They paid him to develop and work on new ideas and innovations for the company, but instead, he left Kodak and now we have Instagram and other digital photo-sharing platforms like it.

You could say that Instagram took the “Kodak Moment” without a doubt. Just imagine two individuals; Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger’s who started up Instagram in May of 2011. Fast forward 11 months, and their company had grown from 4 employees and 4 million users to over a dozen employees and more than 27 million users. Afterward of accepting a $50 million-dollar round of funding, Instagram then announced that it was acquired by Facebook for a staggering sum of $1 billion dollars. Instagram now does video-sharing.

The Hotel Industry vs. Airbnb

How about Airbnb? They are booking more rooms per night than the Marriott, the Hilton, and the Hyatt combined and are now worth over 30 billion dollars. It’s crazy what Airbnb and Uber have done with technology. So, how did they do this? They utilized technology and connected people with others who are willing to book rooms through a mobile app. Does Airbnb own any rooms or hotels? They answer is no. Does Uber own any cars or taxis? Again, the answer would still be no. Like Airbnb, they connected people who need rides with others who own cars that are willing to give rides.

The Legal Industry vs. LegalShield

So, what happens when you take technology and apply it to the existing $300 billion-dollar legal industry and identity theft protection/restoration industry? Every single day people are from, one time or another is thinking the following…

  • “I could use the advice of a Lawyer.”
  • “If I could call a Lawyer without ever having to worry about getting billed for it, I would.”
  • “If a Lawyer could write a Legal Letter or make a Phone Call on my behalf that would be extremely helpful to me.”
  • “If I could have a Lawyer show up in court for me and keep the points on my driving record that would be a great idea.”
  • “If I could have my Will and Power Of Attorney prepared or updated yearly by a Lawyer to make sure my Estate Planning is in order without getting billed for it would save me time, money and stress.”

There are well over 101 Reasons Not To Be Without A Life Events Legal Plan.

But 80% of people wouldn’t pay for needed Legal Services because it’s too expensive. But, what if you could take technology, and be the middle person who connected people who need a Lawyer to the Lawyer themselves that are willing to give Legal Services without billing people? This concept creates an enormous Business Opportunity. Why? LegalShield is an over 40-year-old company. LegalShield owns the space of disruptive Legal Services, so in a sense is much like Blockbuster, but Blockbuster didn’t capitalize on the space they owned in the movie rental industry. LegalShield is giving affordable access to the Legal System for all North American citizens for a low monthly fee. Here are some major facts…

  • LegalShield is backed and has an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • LegalShield was on the New York Stock Exchange.
  • LegalShield was sold for $651 million dollars off of the New York Stock Exchange to Midocean Partners, a private equity firm; trading at $70 dollars per share.
  • LegalShield is positioned to grow from just over 1.6 million members to 14 million members by 2020.
  • LegalShield is on a mission to create more millionaires than any other Network Marketing company in history.

So, why are these facts so important to know? It’s because it’s important to understand that it’s not a matter of wondering if this is working or not. It’s been working for over 40 years. We have over 1.6 million families that are paying for LegalShield Legal Services every single month; month-to-month without and contract. These are people who happily pay their low monthly fee for their Legal and Identity Theft Protection Services, but still many don’t know about our lucrative business opportunity.

Television Advertising vs. Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

How did Facebook explode? Did they do radio and Television? They answer is no. They used word-of-mouth marketing. The only thing better than word-of-mouth marketing is when people are paid credits for sharing or referring products or services. That is what Uber did and they became a billion-dollar company, just like Facebook. The only thing better than credits is to pay people to connect other people to Law Firms and Lawyers. LegalShield pays Associates between $54.00 and $280.00 every time they share the LegalShield story with other people and businesses and they purchase a membership. LegalShield does a lot more than just pay you a credit like Uber does; They will pay you in 4 major ways, which are…

  • You Get Paid Daily in Canada or the United States Advanced Commissions between $54.00 to $280.00.
  • You Get Paid Daily in Canada or the United States Level-Up Bonuses between $360.00 and $10,000.00 dollar bonuses.
  • You Get Paid Daily in Canada or the United States Team Override Commissions between $18.00 and $180.00 like a Real Estate Broker would override its Agents.
  • You Get Paid Daily in Canada or the United States Unlimited True Life-Time Residual Income. In fact, your book of business can be handed down 2 generations.

On top of the 4 major ways LegalShield pays Associates, everyone can also become part of a voluntary incentive and perks program called the Performance Club which offers…

  • Special Recognition.
  • Monthly Bonuses starting at $300 dollars up to $500 dollars.
  • All Expenses Paid Trips and Vacations every 90 days for you and a guest.

…and much more!!!

LegalShield Provides All of the Right Tools to Build a Successful Business

Your LegalShield Business can be operated from anywhere, all across North America, even if you’re not on the continent across seas, on holidays. With Tools like your own Personalized Website, Associate Back Office, Express Downloads, Prospect by LegalShield Mobile App; available on iTunes App Store or Google Play; and many more other Marketing Tools, you’ll never have to worry about being “out of office” to stop you from Performance Club Qualifying!


If you are interested in protecting the Legal Rights of you and your family or would like to position yourself in front of Massive Growth, please Leave Your Message or Call 519-872-6875 for more free information about our Business Opportunity and our Services that are designed to protect the Legal Rights of you, your family, and all North American citizens.

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