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The fact that some misinformed people think that LegalShield‘s Legal Service Plans and Home Business Opportunity is a scam is completely illogical and idiotic. To illustrate my point, let’s take a look at the Top 15 Major FAQ’s…

  1. LegalShield (Formally known as Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.) has been in existence since 1972; 45 years in the United States and almost 20 years in Canada.
  2. LegalShield (Formally known as Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.) went from being traded on the New York Stock Exchange back to a private company in 2011 when it was acquired by MidOcean Partners for $650 Million.
  3. LegalShield is recognized by both the Canadian and American Bar Associations and endorsed by the Attorney General.
  4. LegalShield is also sold to Judges and many Lawyers because like most Doctors practice only one or two areas of Medicine, Lawyers usually only practice one or two areas of Law, and it saves them money when dealing with Legal Issues outside of their practice or jurisdiction.
  5. LegalShield has an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  6. LegalShield has a 4.8 Rating with Consumer Affairs.
  7. LegalShield Associates are required to be Licensed in several States and in one Province in Canada in order to offer Legal Service Plans to Individuals, Families, Home Businesses, Small Businesses, and Benefits to Employees.
  8. LegalShield was listed in the Top Ten Companies to work with in 2016.
  9. LegalShield has been featured on the cover of and in Success From Home Magazine in the 1980’s, 1990’s and also for the past 3 years consecutively.
  10. LegalShield’s Provider Law Firm Network is made up of 39 Law Firms.
  11. LegalShield’s Provider Law Firms each have an Average Tenure of 17 years.
  12. LegalShield’s Provider Law Firm Network is made up of 914 Provider Lawyers.
  13. LegalShield’s Lawyer Referral Network is made up of 4,711 Real Lawyers.
  14. LegalShield’s Provider Lawyers take in more than 1.7 Million Requests for Legal Services annually.
  15. LegalShield’s Network of Provider Lawyers saved or recovered more than $19 Million for Members in 2015.

That all been said, while most people pay a high hourly fee to use a Lawyer for one hour for only one Legal Issue…over 4.5 Million people like you and me only pay less than a Lawyer’s hourly fee spread out over the course of a year (less than a dollar a day) to have Unlimited Legal Advice and Legal Protection, Contract and Document Review, Letters and Phone Calls Made, Wills and Power Of Attorney Prepared and Updated every year, and 24 Hour Emergency Legal Access, plus more via our LegalShield Member Mobile App.

What LegalShield has done, is taken on extremely old complicated and expensive industry; the Legal Industry, that only the top 10% of North American’s can afford access to, and made if less complicated and affordable to every North American, enabling everyone to have the same access. This is called Disruptive Innovation, which is very similar to what companies like Amazon, AirBnB, Netflix, and Uber ended up doing throughout the 80’s and 90’s. Our Home Business Opportunity has something for everyone.

Want more FAQ’s? Please Visit HERE

As far as the Home Business Opportunity goes, I personally know many individuals throughout Canada and the United States who are Getting Paid Daily and earning six figures per year in their Part-Time…and I know hundreds of individuals and couples from all backgrounds who within 1 to 5 years are also Getting Paid Daily and earning close to or a Full-Time income working from home in their Spare-Time to Part-Time, and also all Associates start collecting True Residual Income just after their first year. All Associates do is share tools such as Mobile Apps, Videos, Websites, and Events via Social Media. This is called Tapping Into The New Economy.


If you are interested in protecting the Legal Rights of you and your family or would like to position yourself in front of Massive Growth, please Leave Your Message or Call 519-872-6875 for more free information about our Business Opportunity and our Services that are designed to protect the Legal Rights of you, your family, and all North American citizens.

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