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A Great Boss

“Thinking that you have a great boss, is like thinking that you have a great slave owner. If having a boss was so great, the boss would have a motive to make sure that you will have the opportunity to become your own boss.”

A True Leader Serves The Many

“Never call yourself a leader when you know deep down inside that your only ulterior motive is to only serve yourself. It’s not only about you or a title. There are many so-called leaders who may be appointed to a position, but think and act like they were anointed. True leaders are more concerned about serving and inspiring the many, as opposed to only serving themselves and the people that do exactly what they want them to do to serve their own selfish gain or benefit. If you are a true leader you would never let anyone worship you as if they were God. There is only one true King.”


“There will always be backstabbers. They can be disguised as your family members, friends, co-workers, or business partners. It is wise to expect this. They will act like they don’t know what they are doing, but the truth is they turn out to be your own personal Judas Iscariot, and as Judas did, he or she will eventually hang themselves metaphorically. Don’t spend to much time worrying or concerning yourself about them. Forgive them, but keep your distance and then just move on and do better than they do.”

Backwards and Brainwashed

“It’s quite funny that 95% of people think that working from home spare-time to part-time to become financially free within 5 years is a bad idea and takes a long time, but think it’s a great idea to work for 30 years plus to end up broke and with no legacy to leave behind for their family. There is something wrong with this backwards and brainwashed way of thinking.”

Being Remembered

“When you really think about it, there is no enjoyment in knowing that you will be remembered for doing what everyone else did or thinking how everyone else thought.”

Believing Your Excuses

“Maybe you follow, listen to, and learn from unsuccessful friends, family or neighbors. Maybe it’s your inner voice and emotions telling you that you can’t or don’t have the time to achieve more for yourself. Well if that is the case, you might have to change the same old stuff because if you don’t you will keep doing what you’ve been doing and keep getting what your getting. You’ll look at yourself in the mirror one day or look at your children and say you gave it your best, knowing full well that you had the opportunity to make things better, but you made a decision to listen to the fabrications, lies, and believed your excuses which led you to quit even before you really got started.”

Decide and Commit

“Opportunities can be for absolutely everyone, but it seems that opportunities were designed for intelligent people who have enough common sense to take advantage of opportunities. They simply decide, commit, and working with it until they become successful.”

Disciple Of Discipline

“Be or become a Disciple Of Discipline. Discipline is the process of training designed to produce specific desired patterns of behavior, intended habits, and attitudes that lead to successful performance in various areas of life. Discipline is what you need most to get you where you want and need to go. If you don’t have discipline, you don’t have anything, and in turn your lack of discipline will be automatically replaced with excuses.”

Do It Again

“Make a logical decision today and write it down. Decide what you truly want or your goal and write it down today. Set your goal and write it down today. Commit to having the discipline to see it through. Succeed then celebrate your accomplishment. Do it Again.”

Flush Out All The Crap

“Sometimes one needs to go through their thoughts and figure out who their true friends are. Life’s bowels sometimes needs a big enema to flush out all the crap and bullshit.”

In The Now

“Opportunity does not work great when you wait, because it only works great in the now.”

Journey Towards Your Goals and Dreams

“There are those who say they have goals and dreams that they want to achieve, but are afraid of the obstacles that they have to go through on their way to making those goals and dreams a reality. There are always going to be obstacles because that’s just life. So stop the ongoing complaining and fearfulness about every little obstacle, because that’s what the weak and cowards do. Rather fight through them and press forward. Don’t ever give up because you have no way of knowing when you are going to overcome the final obstacle on that journey toward your goals and dreams. Never ever quit.”

Pay Close Attention

“Pay close attention as you read this information to further your education and direction. Changing the perception and position of your mental condition is part of the equation of your reaction and function in taking action with passion to change your situation, but it must be done with the destruction of your procrastination and all negative association because there are those who possess no solution but to only fill your mind up with pollution. You need no one’s permission, but simply make the decision to have your own submission and prevision to begin your mission in fulfilling your dreams and vision to precision, and when you do so to perfection there will be a celebration, and no matter your location, you will inspire people across the nation.”

Procrastinators and Followers

“Opportunity was never designed for procrastinators or the followers. It was designed for the people who are disciplined and smart enough to take advantage of it, because they are leaders. If you are one of the first mentioned of the two types, you can change that, just simply decide to.”

Serving The Many

“Never run a business only out of convenience for yourself and never be a so-called leader only out of convenience either. It’s not only about you or a title. There are many so-called leaders who think they are anointed, when in fact they are only appointed. They loose what it means to be human. They subconsciously become robots on to themselves. Being a true leader is being more concerned about serving the many, as opposed to only serving yourself or the few.”

The 95’ers

“Never pay attention to the people that are willing to quit, because 95% of people will quit at most things. But but rather pay close attention to the other 5% of people who won’t quit and do what it takes to succeed.”

The Biggest Disability

“Every human being on the planet has had and will always have obstacles in life. Sometimes these obstacles can be based on physical or mental disabilities. But you know what could be deemed to be the biggest disability of all time? It’s procrastination and laziness. If you understand that fact to be true to you, then maybe you would take blindness or depression over procrastination or laziness. Let your Devotion, Desire and Disciple prevail.”

The North American Dream

“People from all over the world come to Canada and the United States to fulfill a dream, and that dream is to become business owners and live life on the terms of themselves and their families. If you were fortunate enough to be born in North America you have the opportunities to fulfill your dreams first, so don’t take your opportunities for granted, but rather take advantage of your opportunities.”

There Is Nothing Stopping You

“There is absolutely nothing external stopping you from achieving anything that you truly want. If you’re wondering what is stopping you from your achievements and success, all you have to do is look at yourself in the mirror, because that’s where the problem is.”

They Dream To Small

“They say that I dream too big, when in fact they dream too small. They usually have no logical answers and limited knowledge about most things. Although they have sight, they have absolutely no vision. They told me that I was making a bad choice, but what the hell do they know. Because a couple of short years later I see them now, and they still don’t see the bigger picture.”

Those Who Label You

“Many times those who label you with negative words and thoughts can be the ones who are actually labeling themselves. With every negative word they speak about you they are letting you know what is truly self evident to what they fear or hate within themselves. They can often times be the biggest hypocrites and insecure people you’ll ever meet. Forgive them, but don’t trust their thoughts or buy into the words they are trying to sell you.”

What The Norm Does

“No one ever said that you absolutely have to do what the norm does, and that is to exist only fulfill the dreams of your boss, when in fact you can easily begin to live to fulfill the dreams of you and your family, on your own terms. All it takes is to commit to the 3 D’s; Devotion, Desire, and Discipline within the framework of your mission, vision and values.”

Work For Yourself

“It’s better to work for yourself for a fraction of your life to earn more than what you’re worth, than it is to work for someone else for the rest of your life to earn less than what you’re worth.”

Write It Down

“Know what you truly want. Know why you want it before you make the decision to start. Know what you’re your path or vehicle is going to be to fulfill that decision. Know how you are going to get what you want. Know when you want to get it. Now go write it down.”

Your Don’t Need Permission

“You don’t need anyone’s permission to want to start to become successful and achieve your goals. Stop listening to misinformed friends and family members, because they will only hold you back. In fact most times, they are fearful of your success because they know deep down inside it will only expose their lack of success. Their fear of your success will also expose their true mindset, such as their negativity, close-mindedness, lack of common sense, lack of logic, their ignorance, and most of all, their procrastination. So be careful. At the end of the day the only people you have to answer to is you.”

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Facebook Notes Pinup - 10 Things Ontario
Wills are in no way fun, but they are so important. If preparing your Will has been one of those things on your long-term to-do list but doesn’t seem to ever become a top priority, you’re not alone; studies show that as many as 74% of Canadians citizens don’t have an up-to-date Will, and about half of Canadians don’t have a Will at all. Wills require you (and your family, in many cases) to think about your death which tends to be a subject most of us avoid. If you don’t think of your assets as being particularly valuable or if you assume that your family members are all reasonable and would distribute your estate equitably, it’s hard to justify the time and expense a Will might require. However, and you knew this was coming…dying intestate (without a Will) can be more problematic than most people realize.

1. The Law And Estate Distribution

Did You Know That The Law Decides How The Estate Is Distributed Among Your Spouse, Your Parents, Your Children And Your Siblings?
  • Your spouse inherits the entire estate if you have no children; even if you have children, your spouse may inherit everything, or the first $200,000 of your assets and the remainder is split equally among your family. If you don’t have a spouse or children, it is distributed to other relatives even if that wasn’t your wish.

2. Common-Law Spouses

Did You Know That Common-Law Spouses Do Not Automatically Inherit Your Estate Or Even A Portion Of It?
  • There can be some confusion over who controls your estate and how it is to be distributed if it is not made clear in your Will.

3. Personal Representative

Did You Know That Your Closest Relative Will Likely Be Appointed As Your Personal Representative?
  • Someone will have to step up to the plate to administer your estate which allows them to manage and distribute it. Your current closest relative may or may not be the best judge of how to administer your estate?

4. Government

Did You Know That If You Have No Living Next of Kin, Your Entire Estate Goes To The Ontario Government?
  • When you hear that some lucky nephew or niece who inherits an estate out of the blue, that’s because of the Ontario Government after they search for some living relative of the intestate deceased. This means that your favorite charities have missed out on a chance to benefit.

5. Personal Items

Did You Know That Personal Items May Not Be Distributed As You Would Have Liked Or Wished?
  • Your niece Susan, who had a special relationship with your mother and who was to receive your mother’s gold ring when you died, is now dependent on the goodwill of whoever is administering your estate. This may go against your wishes.

6. Tax Savings

Did You Know That Possible Tax Savings May Be Lost?
  • Smart Estate Planning can minimize the tax paid by your estate to increase what is available to heirs. Dying intestate means you can’t take advantage of these measures.

7. Dependents

Did You Know That A Dependent Child Or Another Relative May Not Be Properly Provided For?
  • Unless provisions are made in your Will, a dependent child who needs long-term care may not receive the financial support you were hoping to provide.

8. Guardians

Did You Know That Someone Else Will Decide Who Will Become The Guardian(s) Of Your Children
  • If you are the primary caregiver for your minor children and you die without a Will and without the other parent around, you lose the opportunity to specify who you want to act as their guardians. The court will make the decision without your input.

9. Funeral Arrangements

Did You Know That You Have No Control Over Your Funeral And Burial Arrangements?
  • If your executor – who, you may remember, the court chose on your behalf – doesn’t know or doesn’t really care about your wishes, your funeral and burial arrangements will be made according to their preferences, not yours.

10. Charities

Did You Know That Your Preferred Charities May Not Benefit?
  • Without a Will, the charities you hoped to support with your estate won’t receive anything.
Making a Will doesn’t have to cost a lot of money and it doesn’t even have to take a lot of time. More importantly, the cost of not doing it can be huge. So no matter how you do it, or which Lawyer or Law Firm you engage to help you, it’s important that you make it a priority because there is a time when it’s too late to prepare your Will.

Original Article and Source from Timothy N. Sullivan of Sullivan Law. — Edited by Patrice Samuel Robinson, LegalShield Independent Associate.


If you are interested in protecting the Legal Rights and Identity of you and your family, and have all your Estate Planning needs met efficiently, please Leave Your Message or Call 519-872-6875 for more free information. Our Services are designed to Protect and Empower all North American citizens. In dealing with your Legal Issues, we don’t use Paralegals or Legal Aid. Our Network of Dedicated Provider Lawyers all have a minimum of 19 years experience in their area of practice, and all of your Identity Theft Issues are handled by Licensed Private Investigators from Kroll Advisory Solution.

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Facebook Notes Pinup - Plan Ahead
For Americans busy trying to pay the bills and shuttle the kids to soccer, the last thing on their minds is their mortality. According to a 2015 survey by Harris Poll, 64% of Americans don’t have a Will. Of those without a plan, about 27% said there isn’t an urgent need for them to make one, and 15% said they don’t need one at all. Lisa Honey, Director of Product Marketing at Rocket Lawyer said “You can see in the data that the number 1 reason people don’t have a will is because they haven’t gotten around to it yet, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Why haven’t they gotten around to it?” It’s partially because most people “don’t like to think about death,” she says, or because they falsely believe Wills are only necessary if you have a multi-million-dollar estate. So what exactly happens if you don’t have a Will when you die? Gretchen Cliburn, Senior Managing Adviser at BKD Wealth Advisors in Springfield, Mo said “If you don’t have a Will or an Estate Plan, your state of residence has one for you. In some states, 50% of your assets go to your spouse and 50% of your assets go to your kids. This could create some financial and family issues.”

Pitfalls To Avoid

Some of your assets may come with other strings attached. For instance, your retirement account may already have a designated beneficiary. At your death, that’s who your IRA provider is obligated to send the money to regardless of whatever other wishes you have. Cliburn said “If you want to leave 25% of your estate to a charity but a majority of your estate is in your IRA, you may be leaving significantly less to that charity than you intended.” Even worse? You don’t update the beneficiary after your divorce, so all your investments go to a disgruntled ex, and your new wife and family don’t get a dime. There’s also the issue of red tape in courts. Setting up a trust in addition to your will is a way to ensure assets don’t get tied up in the legal quagmire of probate court, particularly if you have a spouse who will need that money if you die unexpectedly. Honey said “We all know that courts, have struggled with budget cuts and have days off and cut back on judges,” While there may not be a way to avoid probate altogether, “for getting your assets as quickly as possible to your heirs, a trust can be a great way to do that.”

Other Important Elements To Consider:

Make a Living Will, which will explain your wishes for care should you become so ill that you can’t act on your own behalf. Appoint a Digital Executor, who will have passwords to access your computer, email and social media accounts. In this Internet age, it’s important to think about who gets the passwords, because many people spend good money on iTunes, cloud storage and other Internet services, and families want to ensure those baby photos stored online don’t get lost. Consider Funeral and Legacy Planning, which will make things easier for your family when you’re gone. Sometimes a simple question of whether you want to be cremated or what cemetery you prefer can create as much stress for survivors as what to do with your money.

Stay On Top Of Changes

Because of all the moving parts and the natural changes of your family situation as you age, it’s important not to leave your will in a drawer for decades after you make it. Mike Piershale, President of Piershale Financial Group in Crystal Lake said “Changing circumstances may cause a need to update beneficiaries. This can include if you marry or remarry, have a child or new grandchild, have a divorce, or have a spouse or child die. If you move to another state the will will likely need to be updated since wills are valid under state law, not federal law. Also, changes in tax laws may require a will to be updated.” Updating your Will to disinherit an ex-husband or reflect the fact that one of your heirs has died can be an emotional process. But the reality is nobody can do this for you, and you never know when you’ll run out of time. Piershale said “People simply don’t like talking about who’s going to receive their money after they’re dead. It’s just not a pleasant thing to think about, and often people will delay it, sometimes until it’s too late.”

Help Is Available

LegalShield’s Dedicated Provider Law Firms are there for Members across Canada and the United States to not only have Unlimited Legal Advice on Unlimited Legal Issues, Legal Contract and Document Review, Legal Phone Calls made on the behalf of the Member, 24/7 Emergency Legal Access, Access to Legal Documents, Agreements and Contracts, but also the access to have a real Lawyer from a Top Quality Law Firm for preparation of their Wills and Power of Attorney; and updated yearly at no extra cost to their monthly membership…and much more!!! All of these services can be accessed manually and through the LegalShield Mobile App (Download to your Mobile Phone). It’s so important to engage seriously on your Estate Planning and not leave things up to chance or to the last minute. It’s not just philosophical. It will matter to you and your family if you want to make sure things happen the way you want them to. You have to pay attention to the details.

Original Article and Source from USA Today July 11, 2015 by Jeff Reeves, Editor of InvestorPlace.com and the Author of The Frugal Investor’s Guide to Finding Great Stocks. — Edited by Patrice Samuel Robinson, LegalShield Independent Associate.


If you are interested in protecting the Legal Rights and Identity of you and your family, and have all your Estate Planning need met efficiently, please Leave Your Message or Call 519-872-6875 for more free information. — Our Services are designed to Protect and Empower all North American citizens. — In dealing with your Legal Issues, we don’t use Paralegals or Legal Aid. Our Network of Dedicated Provider Lawyers all have a minimum of 19 years experience in their area of practice, and all of your Identity Theft Issues are handled by Licensed Private Investigators from Kroll Advisory Solution.

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Facebook Notes Pinup - Our Dedicated LegalShield Provider Law Firm Network

LegalShield Provider Law Firms Are Dedicated and Ready To Serve You

It took decades to build our Network of Lawyers…one Firm, one State, one Province at a time. It’s a Network Built On Solid Relationships and the shared dedication to helping LegalShield Members.

The Disruptive Innovation Of The Legal Industry

LegalShield disrupted the Legal Industry more than 40 years ago to ensure Equal Access To Equal Justice, forever changing the Legal Services Industry. Today technology and new business models are changing the industry once again as consumers begin to see a difference between needing Legal Services and needing the service of a Lawyer. As a result, we see the unbundling of Legal Service as well as Law Firms utilizing assets more efficiently through expanded markets and marketplaces. It’s becoming a more consumer driven and customer focused industry, and it’s the technology that is driving this change with newer, faster connectivity in between client and Lawyer.

Being On The Leading Edge

Where does that leave us at LegalShield? – On the leading edge. We’re giving our Provider Law Firm Network the tools they need to truly marry new technology to the services they provide. Our members won’t have to figure out if they need Legal Services or a Lawyers Service because both are available through our apps and the website. They can start by getting the Legal Service they need, and when they need a Lawyer they can easily initiate the service through their Provider Law Firm.

Our Mobile Apps

Our suit of Legal Apps makes it all possible, adding convenience for the member in every phase of service they might need. The LegalShield App gives our members instant access to their Provider Law Firm. The “Snap” feature in the app allows members to take a picture of any traffic ticket and instantly submit it to their Law Firm for assistance. Form By LegalShield provides access to Free Legal Forms, and when needed they can review the forms with a Lawyer. And Ask by LegalShield is where anyone can find answers to commonly asked Legal Questions.

What We Have Done So Far

So why is all of this important? Because we’ll be able to do so much more for our members. Think about what we’ve been able to accomplish without this technology; a Provider Network Of 39 Law Firms with an average tenure of 17 years, made up of 914 Provider Lawyers plus a Referral Network Of 4,711 Lawyers. Combined our Lawyer take in over 1.7 million Requests For Legal Services Annually, protecting and enriching our members lives in 2015 by more than $19 Million Dollars. That’s impressive, but imagine how much more we can do when our members begin using the apps to access their benefits. Our Providers celebrate these successes as much as their members do. They are proud to serve LegalShield members and are grateful for the opportunity to practice Law for the reasons they became a Lawyer; to help people. Much like you, the Lawyers of LegalShield‘s Provider Network take pride in making a living while making a difference and remain dedicated and ready to serve you. Find Out More About Our LegalShield Provider Law Firms Here or view our Video Library Here.


If you are interested in protecting the Legal Rights and Identity of you and your family, please Leave Your Message or Call 519-872-6875 for more free information. Our Services that are designed to protect all North American citizens.

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Facebook Notes Pinup - Success Stories

There are an unlimited number of reasons why people from across North America become members of LegalShield. Some people have exhausted their finances with traditional high hourly legal fees, and most can’t afford legal services to deal with legal issues that are either trivial or traumatic, while others make the intelligent decision to practice proactive law in order to be ready for any unforeseen life events. Whatever the reason, and no matter what’s around the corner, our members can feel confident about that they are ready for whatever comes their way. LegalShield and IDShield look out for them so the can get back to living life.

Auto Repair Issues

Auto Repair“Having a LegalShield membership recently saved me $200.00! Let me explain. I took my vehicle to a garage for repairs and asked for a quote before any work was done. I was told that the repairs would total 400.00. I didn’t get anything in writing to back this up, but left the garage confident that the price I had been quoted would be the price I would pay. My son went to pick up the car and was told that the price was 600.00! I spoke with the manager and he said that perhaps I had misunderstood and the amount I was quoted was the price before taxes. So I simply told him I would contact my lawyer. I called Mills & Mills and before I received a phone call back from them, the auto shop called me to say there was no need to have a lawyer involved. The car was released to my son for the $400.00 that I was quoted!”

– K. Bigelow – ON, CAN

Car Accident Issues

Car Accident“My story. I had a car accident in August 2012. Details are not important. The other party’s insurance company made frequent calls and sent letters about payment for repair of other person’s car. I was on Employment Insurance at the time and working very part time hours. I told them I couldn’t pay for even basic things in life at the time. So they sympathized with me and held off. They had all my contact information and had frequent communication with me. Before I moved to Alberta, I made a phone call to my lawyer regarding their attempts to collect from me. He told me I would be in the clear if they didn’t sue me before the two years were up. I went back home to London, Ontario for a visit only to receive a letter from a collection agency that had taken on this debt from the insurance company. I called my lawyer back and I answered his questions honestly and he told me what the insurance company was doing was an incorrect way of trying to collect money from me. The law states that if they don’t pursue this matter within two years of the accident and take me to small claims court it is dismissable. The letter from collection agency was dated September 2014. So technically I’m off the hook and if they send it to the credit bureau for non-payment, I can dispute it. I am pretty good at paying back any debts I have accumulated, but I have a fighting chance that this will not affect my credit report and I have a lawyer in my back pocket that will help me fight it, if need be. Thanks Patrice for sharing this with me.”

– S. Dresar – ON, CAN

Car Accident“Signed up for LegalShield and called 2 days later to received help with the settlement for my car. They coach me through the whole process (many phone calls and emails). Which lead to more money for my car in the end. I would have never known what items to ask for, what to look for and what to question without them. And would have never been able to find out for $26.00. LegalShield Is like having a friend and mentor, versed on all subjects, in your back pocket. Thanks, Patrice!!!”

– L. Reive – ON, CAN

Child Custody Issues

Child Custody “Thanks for hooking me up Patrice. Today I called my lawyer (currently on my payroll) with an emergency and he promptly hung up on me after he had given me his residential number! Remembering I had signed up with LegalShield I called in and spoke to a local lawyer. his advice was prompt, accurate and decisive. This service and advice has taken one of my children out of harms way. Can’t thank you enough.”

– J. Slack – ON, CAN

Contract & Document Review Issues

Contract & Document Review“I had legal shield take a look at my lease for an apartment I’m renting and found out that my lease had some information that was for a commercial lease instead of residential lease. I also found out it had information that had no legal standing behind it. I saved money by having a lawyer read the lease and also to take the time to explain the whole document to me. How else could I have found a lawyer to help me save a couple hundred dollars a month? Thank you LegalShield and thank you Patrice for introducing me to this company.”

– S. Gibson – ON, CAN

Debt Collection Issues

Debt Collection“One call to Legal Shield & the collection letters are on their way. Thank you Patrick Samuel Robinson! This is just dealing with a douche that owes me a lot of money. Gonna sick’em on the contractors next! I can’t say enough about this service. One call to the receptionist for her to jot down the details. Within 20 minutes one of their lawyers (Mills & Mills: Canada’s oldest law firm) called me back. She got all of the details together from me & will be emailing me a draft of the letter within 2 days. Once I approve the letter it will be mailed to the “gentleman” whom owes me the money. It will threaten legal action & state that collections have been initiated in the case. I think he’ll know I’m serious now.

– C. G. Benjamin – ON, CAN

Medical Malpractice Issues

Medical Malpractice“O.K. so I would like to say to all out there. I have recently joined up with LegalShield. I at first thought it was a scam like many. Recently I have needed some help with major health issues with my ex-family doctor. I have turned to LegalShield for advice and I must say I have been impressed with their advice and peace of mind they have brought to me. I have procrastinated about sharing my story with people, because people shy away from things like hearing or being pushed into something or the sorts of network marketing. I am here to let you all know I will not push you into joining something your not comfy with. Saying that I am here for any who think they might be interested in learning more. feel free to leave me a message and i will be glad to share with you a service that has helped me. I would like to thank my friend Patrice Samuel Robinson for introduce me to this. Truly has helped me and they continue to do so. Thanks. Have a good day.”

– J. Phillips – ON, CAN

Police Questioning Issues

Police Questioning“In the summer, I was pulled over while riding my bicycle for riding on the sidewalk of a dangerous underpass. While I admit that I had been on the sidewalk, I felt the officer’s behavior had changed from being professional to being bullying and harassing. When it became clear to me that this was not going to end soon (and being threatened with arrest), I asked if I could have a moment to call my LegalShield law firm. Upon mentioning this, the officer couldn’t send me on my way fast enough. Now I have no idea what charges the policeman had planned for me, but I had the peace of mind to know that there was someone I could call to help me out. Thanks Patrice and Thank You LegalShield.”

– R. Farmer – ON, CAN

Saving Money On Legal Fees

Saving Money On Legal Fees“Legal Shield has saved me over $950.00. – 1. I was able to get my will done. Any normal will would have been $500.00. – 2. I’ve had a letter sent on my behalf for being overcharged on an internet purchase. Letters written by lawyers cost $200.00. – 3. I’ve had a traffic ticket waived by seeking the advice of my lawyer. I spent about an hour on the phone with him. Let’s say a normal lawyer would have charged me $100.00 for the time spent. – 4. I called in the law firm to resolve an identity theft issue. My wallet and keys were stolen. I called my lawyer and Kroll Advisory Solutions to sort out this mess. Spent another hour on the phone. There’s another $100.00 for legal advice. – 5. I called my lawyer to get some advice for some music I wrote with my band. The lawyer called me back in 10 minutes. Talked to her for 15 minutes. Let’s say that’s $50.00. All the above charges would have cost a minimum of $950.00. It appears that my membership has already paid for itself due to the fact that all of this was done at no additional charge. I want to personally thank Patrice Samuel Robinson for introducing me to LegalShield.”

– B. Gooding – ON, CAN

Tenant & Landlord Issues

Tenant & Landlord“Just wanted to let you know Patrick since joining LegalShield in July I have already reaped the benefits and can already see how the company speaks for its self and what a valuable service it is. Recently I moved into a new home where what was promised by the property management was not delivered upon. The law firm affiliated with LegalShield returned my call within 1 hour of initial contact. They were very professional and offered sound advice that lead me to rectifying the situation with the property management and obtained the necessary repairs within 2 days. Thank you for introducing me to this service as it is great to know my girls will be able to access this service as well and this offers a mother a piece of mind.”

– Barb Nagel – ON, CAN

Vehicle Break In & Identity Theft Issues

Vehicle Break In“At approximately 9:00pm on Sunday March 16, 2014 I went to run an errand for a friend as he made some supper for the both of us. While at the Petro Canada Gas Station’s 7-Eleven Convenience Store, on the corner of Commissioners Road and Pond Mills Road in London, I did the unthinkable. I locked my keys in my car. Fantastic, I thought. They weren’t in my sweater pocket like I thought they were and nor was my wallet, but they were sitting on the front passenger seat. It’s a good thing I had my cell phone on me at the time. I informed the gas attendant of the situation and she wrote down my name and contact number. She kindly informed me that if anything happened to the vehicle she would give me a call. I then arranged for transportation back to my home to grab the spare set of keys. I returned to the gas station around 10:00pm and everything seemed to be in order. The car was sitting there where I left it and I thought to myself, excellent, nothing happened. So, I went to check the vehicle and I noticed a nice big hole in the passenger windows. The front passenger window was smashed in, my wallet, debit card, visa and ID were all taken and my keys were also stolen. I called 911, however, since there was no suspect I was told there was nothing the police could do. They told me to file a police report online and to leave my car at the scene of the crime. I was thinking to myself. They won’t send a cop here to take a statement and what kind of advice is that? Leave my car with a smashed window at the scene while someone is running around London with my keys. Not a chance in hell!!! I immediately called in and cancelled my credit card and debit card then called LegalShield right after. The lady on the line told me to call my lawyer immediately in the morning and to take my vehicle to a safe haven. She also advised me to call Kroll Advisory Solutions since my identity had been stolen. The next morning, I called my LegalShield Law Provider Firm and literally within 3 minutes the lawyer called me back. I was told to cancel my credit cards, call C.H.I.F. and have my health card cancelled. He told me to call Ontario Shared Services and have my current license cancelled and to notify Social Services Canada that my SIN card was taken. He went over the importance of notifying everyone that was taking pre-authorized transactions out of my bank, such as my insurance company. He then kindly informed me to change all the locks on the house and to change the locks on the vehicle and file a police report. During the conversation Kroll was on the other end. My conversation with Kroll was very informative and they were in the process of preparing to place me on fraud alert due to the theft of my SIN card, health card, drivers license and credit cards. I was very disappointed with the London Police Department’s involvement with the situation and also disappointed that the assistant manager of the 7-Eleven didn’t seem to care that my items were stolen. She even had the audacity to snicker at me when I asked if she could view the security tapes that recorded the inside of the stores activity. Sadly there are no cameras outside where the parking lot is. As I reflect on what happened, I am glad I took the advice of my LegalShield Lawyer. The thought of not cancelling my health card never occurred to me. Did you know that people can use your health card to gain access into countries or even worse, change your medical records? What happens if I need a blood transfusion in the future and my blood type information gets changed? Kroll now has me on credit fraud alert for the next 6 years just in case of any clandestine activity. I feel good to know that LegalShield and Kroll have my back. I want to personally thank Patrice Samuel Robinson for introducing me to LegalShield.”

– B. Gooding – ON, CAN

Will & Estate Planning Issues

Will & Estate Planning“Having researched LegalShield and it’s components available to people to facilitate whatever legal questions, or grey area’s pertaining to Wills, Small Business matters, family estates. I found the site and concept comprehensive and informative. For far less than a retainer and for the ability to receive legal answers quickly and concisely, this may be the route for many of you to go – and the most single important factor of all – a personal Will to cover your loved ones in case of unexpected tragedy. Patrice Samuel Robinson can fully explain the advantages of LegalShield, give him a call.”

– J. McCormick – ON, CAN

Will & Estate Planning“Did you know you could give LegalShield as a gift? I didn’t until I purchased my own LegalShield membership and wanted my parents to sign up. I was getting all the typical excuses that you would normally hear from most people why they don’t need legal services amplified because they are, well, elderly and don’t quite get it that I can’t do everything for them. They have outdated wills, no power of attorneys, and quite frankly, we, as a family need to have them taken care of. We do our best for them in the here and now, but we need to have the legal paperwork done. So, while speaking to my LegalShield advisor, it was brought to my attention that you could give LegalShield as a gift! I immediately signed them up and am glad I did. What a great idea. This is the perfect gift for those who you have no idea what to get and something not many would think of getting for themselves! Thank you Patrice.”

– L. Coutu – BC, CAN

Will & Estate Planning“Being a member of LegalShield gives me the piece of mind that I need, to feel that my family is protected. It makes it very easy to be able to pick up the phone and make one phone call, have my legal issues resolved in a timely manner without having to worry about large upfront legal fees. They are a great company that offers a high level of support to their clients. I can now have my will redone, so it is up to date and current. I feel reassured that my family will be taken care of if something were to happen to me. Thanks Patrice.”

– R. M. Gervais – ON, CAN

Will & Estate Planning“Thank you Patrice for helping us get connected with LegalShield. With a young son to think about, we don’t want to leave his future to chance. Before LegalShield, my husband and I didn’t have a will, identity theft protection or easy access to 24/7 legal advice. Now, we’re all covered. Definitely worth looking into if you are missing any of these in your portfolio. Thanks again!”

– C. C. Fountain – ON, CAN

Will & Estate Planning“As I sit here with a huge smile on my face and gratitude in my heart I feel the overwhelming need to thank Patrice Samuel Robinson, Mills and Mills (Legalshield’s Provider law firm) and LegalShield. Today I received my completed Will and Power of Attorney in the mail with confirmation that I can go to sleep tonight with the peace of mind knowing my son will never become ward of the court. I have as a parent, up til now felt a large sense or Irresponsibility with not being able to do this sooner. However as a single mom knowing the quotes I was given in the past for preparing my Will and Power of Attorney, it never seemed to fit the budget. Now with LegalShield it is no longer a financial decision. With the knowledge that Patrick with LegalShield has given me, I can’t help but wonder why more mothers and fathers procrastinate about their own Wills and Power of Attorney done. I strongly recommend that you contact Patrick if you too as a parent are sitting in the same dilemma. He can help direct you to the same peace of mind…Thank you, Patrick and LegalShield! One happy Mother.”

– C. Lithgow – ON, CAN

Will & Estate Planning“Thanks so much Patrice for your help with my will and bringing this important matter to my attention. As a single Mom with two high needs children still Legally Married with no custody agreements in place. I have a piece of mind knowing that at least I have something in writing that states my wishes for the Boys and all my worldly possessions. And now having legal advice to help guide me through legal issues as I seek custody of my children will keep me grounded and as we know knowledge is power. Power is Strength I will need this to endure through these Legal Issues I now face. Our Future is not set but the guidelines are now. Thanks for your guidance.”

– K. B. Szymura – ON, CAN

Will & Estate Planning“Now that I have spoken with you…I feel like the weight of the world is off my shoulders now…and I am doing something good for my son as a mother!! Getting and starting my Will is one of the most grown-up and adult things I’ve done! THANK YOU!!!”

– T. Julioschick – ON, CAN

Will & Estate Planning“I would like to take a few moments to say thank you to Patrice for enrolling me into LegalShield. I am a single mother of 5 and I am going for another heart surgery soon and forgot that I don’t have a Will. It never crossed my mind till I seen his advertising on Facebook. I feel better going into surgery knowing that if anything happens to me my children will be taken care of the way I want. I would like to say a big thank you to Patrice for helping me and my kids. You are amazing. To everyone else please sign up with LegalShield cause you never know what might happen, and knowing that your loved ones are taken care of the way you want is truly priceless. I hope everyone has an amazing day.”

– Sky Wilson – ON, CAN

Will & Estate Planning“Hey Patrick, wanted to let you know what a great help LegalShield has been to me over the past dozen months. They have always promptly returned my calls with great professionalism. From traveling across the country safely and legally, to being the executor when my mother passed away. Also having access to someone who can give you a correct answer to cell phone contracts. Having this service has been a huge weight lifted off of me and has taken away worry and anxiety I would of otherwise drove myself crazy with. Thanks for introducing me!”

– Zane Johnston – ON, CAN

Wrongfully Accused Issues

Wrongfully Accused“I’d like to share a piece of my challenging experiences from my past as well as my experience with Patrice Robinson and LegalShield, so here Goes. For the past 3 years I have been struggling to separate from a toxic life and business partner. We operated 2 businesses together and he lived in my home located on the southern tip of Ontario. My partner had lived there for 12 years and established solid community support. I on the other hand established contacts only through him knowing no one from the area. He had a business in bankruptcy when we became involved romantically with each other. He asked me to marry him and purchase a home to help him build a business. I opened a sole proprietorship and we worked together to build it up to success. The business grew and I opened another company in different location. My partner struggled with addictions, alcohol/drugs which I supported him in abstinence. I noticed miss operation of monies and accounts so I suggested incorporating my businesses and hired knowledgeable staff to support it. Shortly after I fell sick and began treatments, While in treatment my partner opened a new incorporation and embezzled ALL financials, stocks, equipment, absolutely everything into to his name. Keep in mind I was in hospital receiving treatments in another city. My son with grandparents also in different city. After several treatments I returned to my home. My partner left one day intoxicated and never returned, but I would see him briefly at the business over a 2 weeks period. The next thing I know, I was arrested for 4 counts of domestic assault and 2 counts of theft by this man. I have never been in trouble with the law in my life. I am a Registered Nurse, and Registered Massage Therapist, and a Social Service Worker. I have a long history working with vulnerable people. I specialized in addiction and mental health disorders. I have supported many clients. I spent the night in jail and was charged with these fabricated charges. I was ordered not to attend my businesses, because he had full control of everything I owned. I continued to live in the area at my house. Every day my house was broken into by my ex and he would take whatever he wished, along with stalking my son at school, threats on and on. I called police and was treated as if I had mental health issues and was a criminal. I received absolutely no help, so I went to the courts and reported to a Justice Of The Peace. As for the so-called theft of my property. My plea was accepted then dropped??? I hired lawyer after lawyer for help, but no got no results which also cost me lots of money. The lawyer I hired to support me with the criminal charges never even showed up to court, so I had to appeared alone. I ended up having t leave my home, and went into a women’s shelter in another city my for safety. I later talked to an old friend who suggested Patrice Robinson of LegalShield. I called Patrice, and soon after Patrice and I connected and defense mode began. I signed up with LegalShield and got a FANTASTIC CRIMINAL LAWYER!!! I would like to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT TO PAUL NIELSEN!!! Mr. Nielsen CHANGED MY LIFE!!! He presented to the court absolutely all the facts and proved without a doubt my innocence. I was completely cleared of any wrong doing!!! Mr. Nielsen also established the fraudulent behaviors of my ex-partner to the courts, and the presiding judge recognized my ex-partners intent to extort my belongings. My lawyer in this case even closed the file that day of court by clearing any remaining fees on the account. The lawyer stated the experience was a complete injustice and misuse of authority. Thank you again to PATRICE ROBINSON for signing me up with LegalShield. You have given me the HOPE that good honest people still exist, after I had lost all hope. Acquitted of all charges, I began to secure my home again, When I returned I found my ex-partner living with his new partner in my home??? After he had been ordered by police not to attend my home. I called local police for help as I own my house. I was told they could do nothing about it. I had a co-signer friend of my ex when I signed my mortgage – solely to support the mortgage because I did not know anyone in area. I found out that the co-signer changed the land title and let my ex move in. So today…a year and a half later. My ex-partner still lives in my house. I have never received any payment for anything. I once again called LegalShield and I now have a civil lawyer supporting me through the sale of my home. To sum it all up, without PATRICE ROBINSON and LegalShield’s support, I would have lost all hope. Today I stay positive working through these challenges with a positive mental attitude, that without the support of Patrice and LegalShield I would not have. I am a happy LegalShield Member.”

– T. Smith – ON, CAN

Other Reviews, Recommendations & Testimonials

“Patrice has been very helpful in helping a lot of people to have equal access to the liberty, equality, justice, and opportunity. He has been a great help to me with his skills and passion for this industry.”

– D. Piercey – ON, CAN

“Having had the pleasure of working with Patrice in many different facets, I can confidently say that not only does he exude professionalism, even in the most sensitive of situations, he also takes the time to clearly understand his clients’ needs. Patrice’s service capabilities are unparalleled, his dedication and unwavering commitment come second to none.”

– A. Dow – ON, CAN

“Thank you so much Patrice for being such an awesome business partner and wealth of knowledge!!!”

– M. Berry – ON, CAN

“Patrice is a goal oriented man. He sacrifices hours of his time helping other people. He is very dedicated to his job and to his associates. He is more than willing to help people who help themselves. He has been my friend for 10 years. You couldn’t ask for a better business man or friend.”

– S. Gibson – ON, CAN

“Patrice is passionate about your well-being. I have worked with Patrice and he offers a lot of different skill sets that are of big benefit when helping others. He is a professional that cares about his clients needs. He is totally committed. He will guide you in the right direction.”

– J. W. Jansen – ON, CAN

“Very professional and a dear friend. You can’t go wrong with Patrice in your corner!!!”

– L. Wright – ON, CAN

“Patrice is simply wonderful. He has always been there for me and my family any time we have needed him, legal matter or otherwise. I am blessed to know him.”

– C. Robertson – ON, CAN

“Patrice is a true professional, loyal and devoted to both his clients and his profession. His determination to succeed is reflected in his work and his motivation to bring his enthusiasm to his clients and team is outstanding!”

– T. Hurst – ON, CAN

“Pat has been so helpful when I have had questions and I know he will always be there to help answer all my inquiries. He is a good friend to have in your corner.”

– P. Comrie – ON, CAN

“I highly recommend Patrice as he is very dedicated to what he does and his passion definitely makes him stand out from the rest. Customer service is at an all time low but not with Patrice. You won’t find anyone more dedicated to your needs or more willing to spend whatever time is needed in order to make you comfortable and satisfied that all of your questions have been answered. He is one of the most moral and trustworthy people I know. He will never let you down.”

– K. Le Claire – ON, CAN

“Patrice is very knowledgeable about the product that he markets. He sees the need in the marketplace for affordable access to the legal system. Very professional and always wanting to help out his fellow man.

– W. Mceachern – ON, CAN

“Patrice is a true professional, offering much-needed services to everyday people. The impact he has had on hundreds of lives is significant. He is always willing to go out of his way to help other people, regardless of whether it will bring him monetary gain.”

– J. Hitchens – ON, CAN

“I have the pleasure of working with Patrice for the last couple of years in our business. He has been very supportive and knowledgeable in his business. He is eager to assist others to reach their dreams.”

– D. Clermont – ON, CAN

“Words are not sufficient to describe the servant leadership and unparalleled talent that Patrice Samuel Robinson unselfishly shares with the LegalShield associate community. Pictures are worth thousands of words and his work is most definitely head and shoulders above anything we have ever seen to establish the credibility and professional image that all of us are striving to create. Thank you Sir!!!”

– K. Smith – BC, CAN

“Patrice is among the best I have seen in his area of expertise. He has a keen eye towards understanding the objective, developing a thematic approach and executing with the highest level of quality without compromise.”

– J. B. Rosseau, Chief Commercial Officer of LegalShield – PA, USA

“Patrice has been and will always be a tremendous asset to LegalShield. He is always willing to help out and offer his services to serve the brand. I am truly indebted to him.”

– Chris D’Alessandro, Former Senior VP of Product Marketing of LegalShield – MI, USA

“Patrice Samuel Robinson is a very professional business owner and is very passionate about the services he provides. You can be assured that he will guide you through the process and help any associates who reaches out to him. Thank you Mr. Robinson for your support!!!”

– C. Dorsey – FL, USA

“Patrice is a professional, works hard on behalf of the LegalShield team and will serve clients and partners well. He is passionate about our services and has shown great leadership in marketing success.”

– T. Paustenbach – TX, USA

“Patrice responds quickly to his clients needs. Sometimes, issues are more of an emergency to us than they are to the rest of the world, but Patrice makes my needs his own. Much appreciation to all he does.”

– C. Ward – CO, USA

“Patrice is an expert in his ability to enhance the lives of individuals, families and small business owners with affordable legal and identity theft services. Highly recommended to connect with Patrice for all of your legal needs.”

– P. Rogers – FL, USA

“Mr. Robinson is one of the most proficient I have met and he leads his industry in effort, experience and knowledge.”

– R. Schmidt – MN, USA

“Patrice has such a high standard of excellence and the work he has done has always been beyond my expectations. A consummate professional.”

– T. Piazza – CA, USA

“Patrice Samuel Robinson, is the ultimate professional. He loves what he does and he does it well. His #1 concern is his clients. He’s not satisfied until he knows that he has done all he can for his client. When you choose him to assist you in protecting your family with LegalShield, you are choosing the best!”

– L. Jackson – WI, USA

“In my 20+ years in business, Patrice has been one of the most engaged and result driven professionals I have worked with. His work is top notch and he sincerely cares about how his clients benefit from working with him. I recommend Patrice to anyone I know looking to expand their brand and their future!”

– J. Lavender – TX, USA

“I would highly recommend Patrice for any project; as he is not only a true expert in his field but has that “special caring touch” that is so seemingly lost in the world we operate in today. I know that anyone who has or will have the privilege of doing business with Patrice, will not only feel good about their decision, but will not forget his impeccable professionalism and service!”

– B. Hannay – NY, USA

“Patrice is a true professional, offering much-needed services to everyday people.”

– M. Romero – CO, USA

“Patrice is truly one of a kind! From the moment we touched base he has illustrated not only his incredible talent, but his selflessness in going above and beyond to help direct and guide others in their own quests for excellence! It is a blessing to work with him and I would recommend anyone take advantage of the opportunity to do so! Thank you Patrice!

– T. Smith – CO, USA

“A committed Associate delivering the highest quality protection service with the highest measure of integrity!”

– D. Short – MD, USA

“Patrice is definitely someone that you would be proud to do business with. He is an exceptional man of character and truly has a solution to the problems that many of us face. I highly encourage you to learn more.”

– T. Halligan – IL, USA

“Very impressed that the benefits we are able to use through the membership are immediate after signing up. Mr. Robinson provides access to both the Legal plans and Identity Theft plans for individuals and for families with children like ours.”

– K. Wann – NY, USA

“Look closely and you will see a man who is recognized by his peers for the way he helps families and small business owners with legal and identity theft protection services. This man is a true professional. If you are within earshot of Patrice, I urge you to listen well to what he has to say.”

– B. Campbell – WI, USA

Mr. Robinson, You are truly an asset to LegalShield and the people you help everyday. Integrity, Good Character and a Willingness to help others is what it takes in this business. You possess all of these. It’s a pleasure know you and have you as a fellow Associate.

– J. Lehman – MI, USA

“Patrice is an amazing individual who has such a big heart to serve. He has helped many people with all types of legal and identity theft needs but most importantly, he treats all of his members as if they were part of his family! Awesome personality!”

– M. Paz – CA, USA

“Patrice is highly professional and I am very happy with my LegalShield services. It actually would cost me NOT to have the membership. You are in good hands with Patrice and LegalShield.”

– A. Dawson – TX, USA

“Fantastic Independent associate of this VERY fine company. Patrice is very knowledgeable, personable and a dedicated sales rep for your legal issues/needs. I would NEVER go without my Legal Shield membership. It’s saved me more money than an entire year of what the membership costs. Loving LegalShield4ever!”

– N. Mason – CA, USA

“Great guy and serious professional. Represents the best legal plans for individuals, families, businesses and employee groups available in the US and Canada! What you may not know is that he has single-handedly elevated the professional image of all of our independent associates and even corporate image through his amazing professional graphic designs! Up your game with the professional image you deserve and take your business to the next level with sharp, powerful, highly-clickable images from this master! Easy to talk to and always your best interest and corporate approval sensitive – contact him today for a personal consultation.”

– G. LeCompte – HI, USA



If you are interested in protecting the Legal Rights and Identity of you and your family, please Leave Your Message or Call 519-872-6875 for more free information. Our Services that are designed to protect all North American citizens. — In dealing with your Legal Issues, we don’t use Paralegals or Legal Aid. Our Network of Dedicated Provider Lawyers all have a minimum of 19 years experience in their area of practice, and all of your Identity Theft Issues are handled by Licensed Private Investigators from Kroll Advisory Solution.

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Facebook Notes Pinup - 4 Mobile Apps That Every North American Should Have

Over the past decade, it’s difficult to imagine any invention that has evolved as much as the smartphone. It seems that every person over the age of 12 has one and in the odd case that someone leaves home without it, and we can’t even begin to imagine our lives without them.

How is it that in less than ten short years our Mobile Phones have evolved into a necessary tool for either personal or business? The answer is quite simple. The fear of not being connected and the unimaginable potential that apps provide. From gaming and shopping to calendars and time-sheets, from accessing and connecting directly to real Lawyers and Law Firms to Licensed Private Investigators for Identity Theft Protection and Identity Restoration services, apps have become vital tools used in the daily function of life and will continue to increase in popularity.

Benjamin Franklin said that “time is money” and Mobile Apps can certainly save you both.”

Now let’s take a close look at the 4 Mobile Apps that every North American should have on their smartphone that is changing the way people access Equal Justice under Law and protect their Identity. We can honestly say that for your Legal Protection and Identity Protection needs “There’s an app for that.” so just “Tap the App.”

1. The LegalShield App

The LegalShield App puts your Provider Law Firm and Lawyers in the palm of your hand. Need Legal help? Tap the App to call your Provider Law Firm. Speeding ticket? Use the “Snap” feature to send your traffic ticket straight to your Law Firm. Legal Emergency? Tap the red button for 365/24/7 Legal Assistance for covered Legal Emergencies.

Features Include:

  • Direct Access to your LegalShield Provider Law Firm or IDShield Advisor.
  • Snap to take a picture and send your Speeding Tickets to your Provider Law Firm.
  • Download and Prepare your Will and Power of Attorney.
  • Emergency Legal Access 24-Hour 7-Days a week Line
  • Link to your LegalShield Member Perks Portal to save money on shopping.
  • Contact Member Services.
  • Basic Plan Information and Updates.
  • Helpful tips if you or your teenage drivers are in an accident.
  • Link to your LegalShield Member Dashboard.

Download the LegalShield App for Free and try the Free Demo. The LegalShield App can be downloaded to your smartphone from iTunes App Store or Google Play.

About LegalShield

LegalShield is one of the Nation’s Leading Providers of Legal Safeguards for individuals, families and small businesses. LegalShield also offers one of the industry’s most affordable Identity Theft Plans, with Identity Theft Protection for the entire family for the cost most competitors charge to cover a single individual. LegalShield Legal Plans cover more than 1.4 million families and 3.7 million lives across North America. More than 34,000 companies offer the LegalShield Plan to their employees as a voluntary benefit. For as low as $23.00 per month in Canada and $20.00 per month in the United States, LegalShield members get access to attorneys with an average of 19 years of experience in such areas as family matters, estate planning, financial and business issues, consumer protection, tax, real estate, benefits disputes and auto/driving issues. Unlike other legal plans or do-it-yourself websites, LegalShield has Dedicated Provider Law Firms in 4 Provinces in Canada and all 50 states in the United States of America that members can call for help without having to worry about high hourly rates.

2. The Ask by LegalShield App

Have you ever needed a quick answer to a Legal Question? The Ask by LegalShield Free App you now have Free Access to Answers for Commonly Asked Legal Questions right in the palm of your hand. It’s easy to use and you don’t even need to create an account to start asking questions!!!

Features Include:

  • No login required.
  • Free to Download and Unlimited Use.
  • Learn more about how to contact an actual Lawyer for Personalized Legal Advice.

The Ask by LegalShield App can also be used from your Laptop or Tablet.

3. The Forms by LegalShield App

Have you ever wanted to Create, Sign and Send Legally Binding Agreements to another person or business? The Forms by LegalShield Free App combines the simplicity of a handshake with the security of a Legal Contract, and the convenience of easy to access online forms with the assurance of a High-Quality, Full-Service Law Firm is now right in the palm of your hand. It’s easy to use anytime you need to start creating, signing and sending Legally Binding Agreements. Forms by LegalShield has been featured in the New York Times, the LA Times, TechCrunch, Forbes, Above The Law, and VentureBeat to name a few.

Features Include:

  • Pre-Installed Library featuring Templates for Freelancing Jobs, NDA’s, Loaning Money, Bill-of-Sales, and Renting or Lending Items.
  • Additional Templates can be added at for Free at Shake Law Agreements.
  • Supports both in-person and remote signing options.
  • Receive Notifications when Agreements are completed.
  • Electronic Audit Trail for all Contracts.
  • Get Waivers and Releases Signed anytime, anywhere.
  • Access the camera to easily add a photo to your model/image releases
  • Use your LegalShield Membership to access all Forms and Consult with a Lawyer on any Questions you may have.

The Forms by LegalShield App can also be used from your Laptop or Tablet.

4. The IDShield App

Have you or anyone you know been the victim of Identity Theft? As a member of IDShield, your Subscription Benefits are at your fingertips with the IDShield App. IDShield is a Comprehensive Identity Protection Service providing its members Identity Monitoring, Complete Identity Restoration by Kroll Licensed Private Investigators and Unlimited Consultation.

Features Include:

  • Call an IDShield Advisor.
  • Your Credit Score updated quarterly (for applicable plans only).
  • Management of your Internet Monitoring (for applicable plans only).
  • Management of your Social Media Monitoring.
  • Management of your Minor Child(ren)’s Information with our Minor Identity Protection Service (for applicable plans only).
  • Emergency Access 24-Hour 7-Days a week Line for After-Hours Identity Theft Issues.
  • Educational information related to Fraud, Identity Theft, and Helpful Tips and Advice.
  • View your Case and Call History with IDShield.
  • Instructions for obtaining your Annual Credit Reports.
  • Link to your LegalShield Member Perks Portal.

Download the IDShield App for Free and try the Free Demo. The IDShield App can be downloaded to your smartphone from iTunes App Store or Google Play.

About Kroll

Kroll is the Leading Global Provider of Risk Solutions. For more than 40 years, Kroll has helped clients make confident Risk Management Decisions about people, assets, operations, and security through a wide range of investigations, cyber security, due diligence and compliance, physical and operational security, and data and information management services. Headquartered in New York with more than 50 offices across nearly 30 countries, Kroll has a multidisciplinary team of over 2,000 employees and serves a global clientele of law firms, financial institutions, corporations, non-profit institutions, government agencies, and individuals.


If you are interested in protecting the Legal Rights and Identity of you and your family, please Leave Your Message or Call 519-872-6875 for more free information. Our Services that are designed to protect all North American citizens. — In dealing with your Legal Issues, we don’t use Paralegals or Legal Aid. Our Network of Dedicated Provider Lawyers all have a minimum of 19 years experience in their area of practice, and all of your Identity Theft Issues are handled by Licensed Private Investigators from Kroll Advisory Solution.

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Facebook Notes Pinup - 101 Reasons Not To Be Without

You never know what’s around the corner, but you can be confident that you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way. LegalShield and IDShield look out for you so you can get back to living life. No matter how traumatic, trivial or whatever your situation is, our Network of Provider Law Firms and Lawyers are here to help you. From Real Estate to Divorce Advice, Identity Theft and beyond, we have your rights covered. Welcome to Total Peace of Mind. Welcome to LegalShield. Worry Less. Live More.

  • LegalShield Protects you and your family for a number of Legal issues and assistance with common Legal needs.
  • LegalShield Protects your Business or helps you start one. You can select from a variety of Business Legal Plans to help you focus on your Business.
  • IDShield’s Comprehensive Identity Protection Service diligently monitors for signs of criminal activity and gives you all you need to keep your Identity secure from thieves and fraud.

Need ONE More Reason To Join?…

  1. You don’t have an up-to-date will.
  2. You don’t understand the difference between a trust and a will.
  3. Family members challenge your parent’s will.
  4. You don’t understand your health insurance plan or new legislation.
  5. You are selected for an audit.
  6. Your parents die and leave you executor of their estate.
  7. You are tired of hidden cell phone fees.
  8. You do not have a retirement savings plan.
  9. You lose your personal identification.
  10. You receive a speeding ticket.
  11. You are buying or selling your home.
  12. Your driver’s license is suspended.
  13. Your landlord raises your rent in violation of your verbal agreement.
  14. Your teenager is accused of shoplifting.
  15. You decide to change your name.
  16. Your new washing machine doesn’t wash.
  17. Creditors threaten to take action against you for your ex-spouse’s debts.
  18. A neighbor or school reports you for child abuse.
  19. You adopt a child.
  20. A friend or neighbor is injured on your property.
  21. You need child support enforced.
  22. A friend owes you money and files bankruptcy.
  23. A caller demands money or damaging information will be released.
  24. Your car is damaged by a hit-and-run driver.
  25. You accidentally back over your neighbor’s garbage can.
  26. A hairdresser damages your hair with harsh chemicals.
  27. Your car is repossessed unjustly.
  28. You are subpoenaed or served with legal papers.
  29. You are called to jury duty.
  30. Your long drive off the tee injures another player.
  31. You need a lease agreement reviewed.
  32. Your son is injured in a football game.
  33. A neighbor trips over a rake in your yard.
  34. A jeweler sells you defective merchandise.
  35. A car dealership gains illegal access to your credit history.
  36. You are hit by a bottle at a baseball game.
  37. A tenant falls down stairs and sues you.
  38. You need help with credit card liability resolution.
  39. You are injured when you slip on a wet floor in a public building.
  40. Your livestock tramples a neighbor’s garden.
  41. Your neighbor’s dog barks for hours every night.
  42. Your teenager gets a speeding ticket.
  43. Your landlord enters your apartment without permission.
  44. Your child throws a baseball through a neighbor’s car window.
  45. You don’t have a Living Will or Medical Power of Attorney.
  46. Your boat is damaged while in storage.
  47. Your landlord refuses to refund your cleaning deposit.
  48. You lose an expensive watch in a hotel and the manager denies liability.
  49. A speeding car nicks your bumper when your car was parked on the street.
  50. A merchant refuses to honor a guarantee.
  51. You have an accident driving your friend’s boat.
  52. Your spouse claims a right to your earnings.
  53. A record club sends merchandise after you cancel your membership.
  54. You are refused service at a restaurant.
  55. A property manager refuses to rent to you.
  56. You are denied credit for no apparent reason.
  57. An online auction goes sour.
  58. The repair shop threatens small claims court for money you don’t owe.
  59. Your car insurance is canceled when your teenager has an accident.
  60. Your child needs special education in public school.
  61. You made a sizable gift to charity.
  62. Angry words result in a slander lawsuit.
  63. You need a patent for an invention.
  64. You need a copyright for your manuscript.
  65. You are wrongly accused of committing a crime.
  66. Your right to privacy has been invaded.
  67. Your car is vandalized in a parking lot.
  68. A postal carrier slips on your unshoveled walk and breaks his or her leg.
  69. You have questions about escrow in a home purchase.
  70. You’re stopped for speeding and a passenger is in possession of marijuana.
  71. Your teenager wrecks the car and a passenger is injured.
  72. You care for your elderly parents.
  73. You receive disability.
  74. You are cheated by a door-to-door salesman.
  75. A repairman charges more than a given estimate.
  76. A creditor tries illegal collection tactics.
  77. An accident results in a personal injury.
  78. You are scheduled to appear in small claims court.
  79. Your new house has bad plumbing and a leaky roof.
  80. You take a vacation and your room has a view of the trash dumpster.
  81. A minor is caught breaking into your home.
  82. You have a fender bender while driving a friend’s car.
  83. You have liability questions in launching a new business.
  84. You have a question about an easement on your property.
  85. Your neighbor’s dog bites your child.
  86. You have a property line dispute over a newly installed fence.
  87. You’re asked to testify as a witness to a crime.
  88. You need a premarital agreement.
  89. You’re buying or selling a car.
  90. Your child’s school demands a drug or alcohol test.
  91. Your bank sends a foreclosure notice after one house payment is late.
  92. A retail store won’t accept the return of defective merchandise.
  93. A repairman won’t stand behind his work.
  94. A trespasser is caught poaching on your land.
  95. You are leasing property.
  96. You receive a letter from a creditor and it is not your debt.
  97. A bank reports bad credit activity unjustly.
  98. You need advice concerning a divorce.
  99. You own your own small business.
  100. You can’t make heads or tails out of the new tax forms.
  101. Your spouse uses physical force against you.

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